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FAQs and Resources

Yes. There are financing options for companies regardless of how long you’ve been in operation as well as your income or your credit rating. But, your options may be restricted if you’ve been in the business for less than 6 months or are less than $15,000 in monthly revenue. The process of getting a loan to start your business by a bank is a rarity because of strict guidelines for lending which require a proven history of business as well as proof of income. The application process through Titan Funding Solutions provides you access to an exclusive Business Financing Advisor free of charge to discuss the best way to obtain an initial business loan and review other possible financing options for your business.

The capital you require to finance your business could be crucial for many new businesses. There could be a need for equipment, inventory or other problems which require an unexpected cost. Titan Funding Solutions is here to provide entrepreneurs with the most effective financing options that are flexible with payment options, terms and large amounts of approval.

The process of obtaining business financing for your company could be difficult if you’ve only been operating for less than six months. Your business is immediately classified as an “startup”. Since lending guidelines for banks are becoming stricter, standard banks may not be able to offer startup financing to businesses. But, you are eligible for business financing no matter the time that you’ve been operating for or the gross income you earn through an alternative financing business.

Titan Funding Solutions is a pioneer in alternative financing which can provide your company with the most suitable loan alternatives for start-ups. After filling out a quick online form you’ll be connected with a Business Financing Advisor who can assist you with determining how to look over the options for startup funding and the conditions.

If you’ve been in operation for less than six months, you’re a new business. Many finance options require a minimum of six months in operation and at least $15,000 in gross monthly revenue. Startups can however be exempt from these conditions. The only requirement is having a credit score of 670 or more.

Each financing option is unique and that’s the reason Titan Funding Solutions provides a free Business Financing Advisor to discuss the options for financing and select the best option for your business.

Yes, you’re eligible for a start-up business loan with bad credit. If you have a credit score of 620 or higher We can help customers with business loan options. In addition, there are no prerequisites for the length of time you’ve been in business or your gross income. But, the options might be restricted.

The majority of finance options require at least 6 months of business or $15,000 in gross income per month. If you’re able to meet these requirements make sure you inform the business financing advisor at Titan Funding Solutions now. They will no longer consider you as a startup by some lenders, and also receive more favorable terms and flexible payment options.

To begin, fill out our easy thirty-second application online. After you have submitted your application you will be paired with an experienced Business Financing Advisor to discuss your cash flow issues and your financing needs. You can begin receiving funding options within a matter of hours, offering low rates and flexible terms.

If you’ve operated your business for less than six months, you’re considered to be a start-up. Banks have more stringent criteria for the length of the length of time you’ve been working. This is why registering with an alternative finance company like Titan Funding Solutions, may be your best choice to obtain the money you require, as swiftly as is possible.

Yes it is true that the Small Business Administration has financing options for entrepreneurs. The SBA provides a variety of options for startup loan options, including Micro Loan, 7(a) or 504/CDC Loans and also you could be eligible to participate in one of their programs for investment. But, you could face obstacles to be approved and the timeline to receive the money may not be enough.

For a quick and simple procedure for financing your business, simply fill out our online application for 30 seconds. It is then possible to speak with any of our Business Financing Advisors to determine whether you qualify for an SBA Loan is the right choice for you or if you have other options for financing.

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