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MCA financing is a flexible option that does not require collateral and is among the most flexible.

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No credit? No problem! No minimum FICO required for most of our top-rated financing options.

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Fintech Speed is able to get you into and out of underwriting within a few hours and even same-day funding!

What You Need To Qualify

3+ Months in Business

You could be eligible for our best credit options as low as 3+ months of experience.

$5,000+ Monthly Sales

The minimum amount of revenue required to qualify for financing is at least $5,000 per month or $60,000 for annual gross sales.

No Minimum FICO

We offer financing options to all credit types.There is no minimum FICO score needed to get started.

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FAQs and Resources

A Merchant Cash Advance isn’t technically an actual loan. However, it is an advance in cash which is repaid through the withdrawal of some percentage of your credit sales, which is typically every day. Because a cash advance for merchants is based upon a particular percentage of your total daily credit card balance, the higher the amount of transactions a company makes, the quicker they will be capable of repaying the loan. However when there is a slowdown in business, the repayment is a reflection of cash flow that is coming in.

A cash advance lender for merchants can provide you with an amount of money in one lump to pay a certain percentage of future sales of credit cards. Instead of a fixed installment over a set period of time , your loan is usually repaid every day or weekly, with the lender collecting that fixed percentage of your sales from credit cards.

The cash advance of a merchant isn’t technically an actual loan with specific terms. It’s an advance of future sales, and it is repaid by taking an agreed-upon amount either on a weekly or daily basis. The advantages of a cash advance is that you are able to repay the loan in as little or slow as sales in your business permit.

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