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FAQs and Resources

Credit Card Processing provides the capability to accept the majority of credit card brands, credit and debit cards for your products and services. An entire range of debit and credit card payment solutions, products and services are readily available to help businesses increase their revenue and improve their bottom line and compete on the market.

CC Processing can be utilized for terminals in person Wireless and mobile alternatives as well as online options. MOTO (mail order/telephone).

If you’re taking credit cards at an in-person terminal or via online methods, each transaction will be subject to a fee for processing. Credit processing charges for credit cards are subject to change based on various factors. Contact us today to receive a no-cost analysis to estimate your expected processing cost. The higher the volume of sales you are able to estimate and the greater influence you can use for negotiating lower processing costs.

If you run your business from an actual store or on the internet and you are a retailer, the Transaction Express electronic payment gateway and others will be able to meet the processing requirements. Electronic payment gateways are able to manage swiped retail transactions on all major credit cards via its virtual terminal, or via an individual integration with web-based services. Its point-of-sale with IP capabilities provides an entire solution that’s both efficient and reliable.

The advantages from electronic gateways for payment are quicker checkouts and shorter lines that will ensure your customers happy and for merchants, the reduction of operating expenses through the elimination of multiple dedicated phone lines as well as the consolidation of service costs for broadband.

In order to process and accept credit card transactions, a Point of Sale system is necessary. If you do not have a POS System, we can help you with the purchase.

Point-of-sale terminals provide the foundation of face-to face (card present) processing of credit cards in the retail sector. There are a variety of top-of-the-line PCI-compliant terminals that can be rented to retailers.

Everything you need to complete a credit card or a Signature debit card transaction is available in a point-of-sale terminal on the countertop that includes the magnetic card reader, a phone or Internet connections to processors, and the receipt printer. By adding the keypad, you’re able to take care of PIN debit cards too.

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