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Being a small business owner can be very stressful. Most small business owners have stressed about whether or not they have enough capital to support their company’s growing operations. If you have been in this position you have probably assumed that in order to secure financial stability you would need to sell off equity in your company. Luckily, this isn’t the only way to get the financial relief that you need. By selling equity in your business for short term finances that you need, you invite outside influencers into the leadership structure of your business. We know that this isn’t ideal so Titan Funding Solutions is here to provide you the funding you need. The best part? We don’t take equity in your company.

What is The SBA Loan Program

A small business loan is a loan administered by the federal government through the SBA loan program. There are a ton of different reasons for getting an SBA loan like purchasing a new retail or production location, new equipment, or consolidating all of your business debt. There are a few requirements that the government enforces to see if you qualify for assistance. These requirements depend on the industry that you are in. The top three requirements are:

  1. You must have annual sales of less than $6 million for retailers
  2. You can’t have a workforce over 500 employees for manufacturers
  3. You can’t have a workforce over 100 employees for service providers

There are different loans that are offered through federal small business financing. The first is the 7(a) loan. The 7(a) loan offers financing of up to 90% on real estate acquisition, 80% for business acquisition, and a staggering 100% for any equipment or debt refinancing you may need. Loans amounts range anywhere from $200,000 to $5 million and the rates are very low compared to the market.

Next is the 504 loans. 504 Loans are similar to the 7(a) loans but they offer the option to increase your loan amount all the way up to $12 million. These loans also offer first and second mortgage options for owner-occupied properties.

Why Choose Titan Funding Solutions?

We are one of the most reliable SBA Preferred Financial Services institutions. Because of this, we can quickly assess your loan application and get you the money you need faster than most other financial firms. We are able to do this because of our large network of lending partners. Some of our lending partners have the authorization to approve federal loan applications which, in the end, saves you a lot of time.

Get The Funding You Need

Don’t think that you have no ideal financial options to support your small business. With the help of our representatives, Titan Funding Solutions can get you the capital that you need in order to establish your financial stability. Contact us now to speak with a friendly representative that can answer any questions or concerns that you might have!