Unsecured Business Lines of Credit in Buffalo NY

Titan Funding Solutions is offering unsecured lines of credit for businesses in Buffalo, New York. With everything going on, we know that it is tough to be a business owner in Buffalo, which is why we are trying to offer loans that will meet all of your needs and keep you on your feet. If you want to build the business of your dreams or if you are trying to keep your business going, whatever the need may be, we want to be there for you. Our unsecured business lines of credit have a lot to offer such as:

  • For new businesses; credit starting at $25,000
  • For established businesses; credit up to $150,000
  • Fast approval
  • Only pay back what you use
  • Revolving options available for credit
  • We need no collateral
  • Best rates in Buffalo, New York

We Need No Collateral for Our Lines of Credit

Our unsecured business lines of credit are perfect for local businesses in Buffalo, New York, so they can stay on their feet during hard times in competitive marketplaces. Here at Titan Funding Solutions we know that starting a business often requires collateral that most people cannot come up with to get a loan from a traditional lender. To better serve our clients, we have decided that we need no collateral for businesses to take advantage of our financing options. By getting one of our unsecured lines of credit, you will be capable of kick starting your business in several ways including:

  • Getting equipment
  • Buying supplies
  • Hiring staff members
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Paying bills such as rent

How to Get Qualified for an Unsecured Line of Credit in Buffalo NY

Titan Funding Solutions is all about providing our clients with easy to access lines of credit in Buffalo, New York. Our loan approval process is transparent and simple, with no hidden catches or hoop jumping required. To qualify for our lines of credit, there are a few guidelines you must meet like:

  • 700 or better credit score and good history
  • If you have poor credit, you can qualify with a co-signer
  • Debt to income ratio must be low
  • No more than 6 credit inquiries in the past 6 months
  • Credit history of at least 5 years
  • Bankruptcy open or closed within 10 years is not eligible
  • Need 2 current credit limits that add up to at least $10,000

Zero Interest for Qualified Candidates

Our unsecured business lines of credit in Buffalo, NY have no interest if you are a qualifying candidate because we want you to continue building momentum for your business to give you the best chance at success. The goal is to minimize our effect on your cash flow by allowing you to only make payments on however much of the approved credit has been used. Titan Funding Solutions is whole-heartedly dedicated to helping local people achieve their dreams of building or expanding on their business dreams. We offer unsecured business lines of credit to entrepreneurs that are located in Buffalo, New York. Contact us today, by phone or email, if you want to establish a small business or if you already own one!