Real Estate Hard Money Loans

Titan Funding Solutions is trusted by many as a hard money lender. Our company is top rated and trusted by many to handle hard money loans. Our aim is to take care of our clients and maximize the profits they get from their projects.

We have several different options and one of them will be sure to fit your needs. We offer minimal fees, competitive rates, and our customer service is top notch which is why so many people continue to come back to our company over and over again for all of their hard money lending needs. We help with financing all kinds of projects for real estate and property owners that need flexible and fast funding.

Advantages of Titan Funding Solutions Hard Money Loans

  • Loan Amounts Ranging From $50,000 Up To $10 Million
  • Financing Terms Up To 24 Months
  • No Penalties For Pre-Payment
  • Closings Fast As 10 Days
  • Up To 90% Acquisition and Rehab Costs Are Funded
  • Up To 75% After Repair Value Is Funded

Benefits of Hard Money Lending

There are many benefits to choosing a hard money loan for your financial needs. Almost anyone that is trying to obtain real estate can obtain a hard money loan. Titan Funding Solutions lets you get going on your project quickly because we are able to close out a loan as quickly as seven working days.

Each loan is individually tailored to the borrowers profile and needs so that you can get a structured loan that works for you, not against. We have high approval rates when the property is used on the loan as collateral, and your credit score is a less determining factor in that case. Hard money loans are ideal because they can be used for projects that a lot of banks would turn away like fixing and flipping real estate.

If you are a real estate investor, then a short term hard money loan is a great option for financing. They are easier than other types of loans to acquire and are usually paid back within a year. This makes it easier for you to pay your loan back without taking too much away from your projects or profits.

There is usually a higher interest rate with short term hard money loans but the quicker payoff time balances it out. The interest that you will end up paying on a short term hard money loan is significantly less than you would have to pay on a long term loan.

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