Business Lines of Credit in Rochester, NY

Starting and keeping a business running can be hard when it comes to finances. Titan Funding Solutions is available to help entrepreneurs and established business owners in Rochester, New York, to obtain the financial support they need. Most traditional lenders require you to jump through endless hoops and have requirements for approval, even for introductory loans, that new businesses and small businesses often cannot meet.

That is where we come in. Titan Funding Solutions has a simple, flexible, and transparent approval process specifically meant for new and small businesses. Our loans are flexible and do not require that you have a heap of collateral. The best part, though, is you only have to pay on what you use!

Unsecured Lines of Credit for Rochester Businesses

Traditional credit lenders tend to avoid new businesses because they are considered to be high risk. Everything comes with a level of risk though, and how can a business succeed without support? That’s why Titan Funding Solutions is the best option for entrepreneurs, new business owners, and small business owners. We believe that in order to maintain a strong economy, small businesses and new businesses are essential. We do not hit you with impossible interest rates or demand that you have immense collateral.

Our business credit lines are affordable and easy so that you can focus on your growing business and succeeding while feeling safe in the fact that you have financial backing. If you do not meet our basic credit line requirements, we pride ourselves on being flexible, and have other finance solutions that will still allow for your business to keep growing. Our unsecured business loans include:

  • Credit amounts ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 for businesses in Rochester, NY that have not been operational for over two years with an owner or partner that has good credit.
  • Zero percent financing credit card options.
  • Lines of credit for businesses with 1 to 5 percent interest over prime rates.
  • Credit amounts ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 for businesses that are established, have over $1 million in annual revenue, and qualifying financials and credit.

Zero Collateral Required

Titan Funding Solutions does its best to connect with Rochester, New York business owners and learn more about their specific needs. We do not require collateral to qualify for our unsecured business lines of credit. We look at each client individually to come up with a credit plan that fits all of your needs and your budget.

Every business is unique and instead of looking at things with a one size fits all attitude, we make things more personal by going over your specific business to focus on a custom program that is built to push your business towards full potential. If you are interested in learning more or ready to apply, then you can contact us by phone or email. Our approval process is fast and easy with no hidden catches or fees. Our goal at Titan Funding Solutions is to back the dreams of our clients and help them achieve their business goals.