Business Acquisition Financing

Titan Funding Solutions can help your company grow through any acquisition or merger opportunity that you might have. We offer flexible and affordable financing solutions for growing businesses that are fast and customized towards you and your company’s needs. Our team of experienced financial representatives can offer you the knowledge and advice you need to ensure the success of your business through the time-sensitive process of mergers and acquisitions.

Our Fast Process

Our process at Titan Funding Solutions is fast and efficient with helping businesses reach their financial goals. Depending on the size of the transaction, our financing programs offer anywhere from $1 million to $500 million for business acquisitions and mergers. Unlike traditional lenders, we help our customers through the acquisition or merger process buy giving expert advice every step of the way. We will be researching:

  • Financial risks that might be involved with the merger or acquisition
  • The overall profitability of the merger or acquisition
  • The evaluation of the other business’s assets

Call Us Today

If you are in the position to possibly take your business into an acquisition or merger, call us or use our online contact form today. We have a team of friendly and helpful financial experts that can give you the affordable financing solutions your business needs to grow.